Company Profile

Superior Filtration Limited supplies Water Filtration Equipment worldwide and can design, supply, install and commission complete turnkey liquid filtration systems based around its products for Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal clients.

The company evolved into its present format in August 2002 from an association of partners in existence since 1985 to exploit more fully the potential of their products and expertise primarily in markets outside of the UK/Ireland and Southern Africa. This then lead directly to the appointment of another company as International Sales Agents.

The principle products supplied are the Kleerflo Fully Automatic Backwashing Filter/Strainer and the AGF Autonomous Valveless Gravity Sand Filter both of which are being used successfully by many blue chip companies in the UK/Ireland, Southern Africa and elsewhere.

Other products compatible with the equipment range such as Clarifiers, Micro-Strainers and Run Down Screens are also supplied.

As well as supplying individual pieces of equipment the company is also able to undertake complete turnkey liquid filtration systems based around its products which can involve and include the design, supply installation and commissioning of pumping stations, MCC Control panels, chemical dosing systems and all associated Mechanical and Electrical work.

Some key areas of operation are the supply of AGF Sand Filters on a side-stream basis for the removal of suspended solids from ground water cooling systems for protection of heat exchangers and other equipment with resultant cost savings due to less downtime and chemical and power usage and the supply of Kleerflo screen filters for once through ground and sea water cooling systems in the Mining, Minerals and Petrochemical Industries.

Other key areas of operation are the supply of equipment and systems for ground water (river, lake, borehole etc.) treatment for drinking and process purposes and for removal of solids in effluent systems and tertiary treatment in sewage treatment works. In Southern Africa extensive work has been undertaken in the Mining and Minerals Industries.

The Company prides itself on being able to supply a range of equipment that is simple in operation and easy to maintain with minimum operator input. Servicing as and when required is simple and can easily be undertaken by on site staff. Back up is provided as required. On going support is offered with technical staff and spares readily available. Working with a network of outside sub-contractors and personnel as required to designs and drawings supplied by the company equipment is produced to the highest standards.

The company is able to offer filters with a difference that are automatic backwashing with no hassle and low maintenance together with proven track records backed up by solid references and many years of product history.